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In this portfolio you will find a resume, philosophy statement, and 3 knowledge papers composed by me. I have learned a lot of different tools about the English major and how to best use it to advance into the career and lifestyle I aim to achieve. This portfolio gives potential employers a chance to look into my professional future.

Being back in college and looking at what I would like to do in life, I have decided that my love for words, writing, reading, and language would be best suited for writing and linguistics. I currently take courses at Boise State University that encompass writing and rhetoric, English, and have started learning Spanish as a second language. I hope to add more in the future.

My love of words and writing started almost from the time I first began to read. Over the years, I’ve gone from reading other people’s words to writing my own. Please look through my updated Writing Portfolio to discover more about my work. My resume can be found in the menu above under Resume.

Philosophy Statement

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“If we spoke a different language, we would perceive a somewhat different world.” — Ludwig Wittgenstein

As a future linguist and growing writer, I want to create a path that connects the past to the present and inspires the future. Each person and culture has a unique perspective and is worth writing learning about. The world can be connected no matter the language. No matter if it is through a historical lens or through a creative cultural lens.

I was told once that I wrote too seriously. The fact of the matter is, I sometimes can’t help it. I can also write creatively and with my own unique way of wording my thoughts and ideas. I can demonstrate understanding and individual thought of writings I come across. Whether it be about the relationships between father and son in Shakespeare’s King Henry IV or about how language through texting is not the downside of everyday technological use. I like doing research as well to enhance my writing and ability to reach others.

Using all the skills I can bring to the table will help to create a way for people to be connected to each other and to their world. As well as add more skills that I learn along the way. After all, “Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where it’s people come from and where they are going.” — Rita Mae Brown

Introduction of Knowledge

Being deaf in one ear from birth set me up to understand language from a different angle. I had to learn to understand what I heard but what helped the most was reading and understanding language in written format. Understanding the world as someone who had to learn to understand it differently fosters an appreciation for language, context, writing, and communication. In addition to continuously learn about others, their cultures, their thoughts and ideas and how they perceive the world.

Connecting with People

Before demonstrating the ability to write and read to understand others, you need to find a connection with them. Or get to know them and understand what it is that they want to say or what is being conveyed in writing. If you aren’t versed in the topic, get to know the topic and connect with someone who is knowledgeable of the topic. Then will be best demonstrated in translation and explanation.

Bringing in Other Skills

One of the skills I have been able to bring to the table is to showcase the usefulness of outsides skills to the field of English and language. One of my children is 24/7 care. I have had to adapt to how she communicates and how I communicate with her team of doctors. Bringing together my understanding between the two to better explain what is going on and how it can be applied to understanding events of another time, events happening now and potentially events of the future. Knowing how we communicate now and how we understand then and now is one of the best ways to understand what could happen.

Learning Everyday

One’s day is not complete, or at least not their week, without learning something. Or improving upon something. For me that is writing and communication. Understanding what I am reading. If I continue to refine and learn new skills, I can increase myself as an asset in my work.

From the Portfolio

Nellie Bly Biography (College of Western Idaho)

In the Fall of 2020, I was assigned to write a biography of my choice for a class about history through biography. I showcased my understanding of how a biography was written and how it displayed an understanding of history through the life of a person.

Alexandria 391 AD Sociological Effects on Jewish Citizens (College of Western Idaho)

Fall 2020 Having to understand how history effects today is a skill requiring speculation of the actions before, during, and after an event. Here, I attempt to show how the destruction of the Alexandrian library in 391 AD may or may not have had a different sociological dynamic change in Egypt if it had never occurred.

King Henry IV Part 1 Analysis (College of Western Idaho)

Spring 2020 I wrote an analysis of each act of the Shakespearean play, King Henry IV Part 1. I thoroughly enjoy Shakespeare and also delight in history. I wrote my analysis with a mix of historical knowledge and literary comprehension of character development, plot progression, and scene dissection.

Posting about books each week and a beauty blog every other week along with the blog for this page which can be found at the main menu.

About Me

How I Got Here

I have been writing since I was young. While I don’t remember the first piece I wrote, I gradually began to learn how to write the older I got. In middle school I began to learn how to write using the library as a reference point using the Dewey Decimal System. In high school I started learning more about styles of writing and how to interpret literary works as well as a using the Internet for sources of information. It wasn’t until I got into college that I began to take writing more serious. I learned to craft professional letters in keyboarding and how to write technical articles. I am currently learning about writing and rhetoric and pursuing a degree in linguistics. I write two blogs. One is about Avon and beauty and the other is about going through my TBR pile and writing writing reviews on the books I have lying around the house. As a single mom of three, one being 24/7 care, I have my hands full while continuing to write, read and get an education that will help me sharpen and refine my skills.

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